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Module X’s robust protective modular buildings can be designed for practically any industry application. Our team has designed, engineered and manufactured many different utility market sector solutions. Whether electric transmission and distribution or waste water treatment, we can provide the utility solution that best fits the project requirements. Custom designs are no stranger to our team. In fact this is where our team excels through our vast experience within our engineering team discplines that cover a diversified set of industry and modular building applications. We can handle any custom architectural finish design specified.

Our standard concrete design is composed of exposed aggregate; however, we can also provide other exterior finishes in either a concrete, steel, or hybrid structural member building. Installation of several different brick facade style building applications is in our wheelhouse. Along with Hardy board, stucco, cinder block, and many other architectural design elements which can be produced in house.

Pitch roof concrete bldg Cape Gir. pic 6

Pitched or gabled roof applications are also available options in our vast portfolio of products. Floorless building designs are yet another building application that we can design , engineer, and manufacture. Module X is considered the only modular building manufacturer that produces concrete, light gauge and all welded steel buildings with the ability to design, engineer, and manufacture hybrid designed structural member solutions. Providing several structural member solutions and the ability to deliver both fixed and mobile modular products, there’s no one else in this industry that provides our clients with the scalability, flexbility, and assurances of their investment like MXS’s turnkey plug and play solutions.

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