Gas pipeline leaks at the joints with the valve. Spark and Fire on the gas pipeline. An explosion at the gas pipeline.

An Intro to API RP-752 and API RP-753

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There are no federal laws regulating what measures a facility needs to take to maintain a protected environment in the event of an explosion. However, the American Petroleum Institute (API) has established recommended practices (RP) that serve as guidelines on, among other topics, how to manage hazards associated with blast events. The two standards pertaining […]

Calumet Superior, WI BRM option 2

What Is a Blast Resistant Modular Building?

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Blast resistant modules (BRM) are modular buildings that are designed to withstand significant explosions, keep personnel safe, and protect valuable equipment from hazardous environments such as oil refineries or chemical processing plants. Blast resistant modular buildings from Module X Solutions are constructed with thick steel walls that can sustain and contain high blast pressure. Electrical […]