What Is a Blast Resistant Modular Building?

Blast Resistant Modular Building in Calumet Superior, WI
Blast resistant modules (BRM) are modular buildings that are designed to withstand significant explosions, keep personnel safe, and protect valuable equipment from hazardous environments such as oil refineries or chemical processing plants. Blast resistant modular buildings from Module X Solutions are constructed with thick steel walls that can sustain and contain high blast pressure. Electrical components, plumbing conduits, and other building equipment can also meet explosion resistant classifications.

Blast Resistant Modules

Regulations for Blast Resistant Buildings

While no official regulations are governing the construction of BRMs, The American Petroleum institute laid out the following recommended practices:

  • API RP-752. This provides guidance for managing risks associated with fires, explosions, and toxic material releases to on-site personnel located in new and existing buildings intended for occupancy.
  • API RP-753. This provides guidance for decreasing the risk to personnel located in portable buildings from potential fires, explosions, and toxic release hazards.

Standard Blast Parameters

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a building that is truly “blast-proof.” Depending on the strength and duration of the blast, or the building’s proximity to the explosion, it is possible that any building structure will fail. A blast-resistant building minimizes destruction while maximizing protection. Module X Solutions creates blast resistant modular buildings that withstand certain and specified blast parameters, including:

  • Blast Overpressure. Over pressure refers to the increase in local air pressure due to the blast event. Our BRMs have an interior and exterior steel wall with an air gap (“X GAP”) in between unless environmental codes require additional materials. When overpressure hits, the steel deforms to absorb the impact, similar to the crumple zone in a car. Our standard BRM offering withstands 8 PSI of free field overpressure.
  • Duration. Blast duration refers to the time duration of the event, including the positive phase and the negative phase. MXS’ standard BRM offering withstands a blast duration of 200 milliseconds.
  • Damage Response. The ASCE outlines three Damage Responses for practical blast engineering. Our standard BRM offering features Medium Damage Response.

Module X Solutions can design a BRM to meet specific client specifications. We offer a range of designs/layouts, materials, and components. If a minimal blast protection requirement is needed, our concrete product offering could be a great fit for this application. Precast concrete protective buildings are also economical solutions for building needs outside of the blast zone.

Benefits of Blast Resistant Buildings

Benefits of Blast Resistant BuildingsBenefits achieved with blast resistant modular buildings include:

  • Protection. While the most important goal is the protection of personnel, a BRM is also designed to protect equipment and critical infrastructure assets.
  • Mobility. Modular structures can be disassembled, moved, and reassembled in another location. Especially with multi-module buildings, MXS’ proprietary mechanical fastening system allows for a more economical installation or relocation.
  • Liability. Taking additional steps to protect human lives and reduce injuries reduces corporate liability exposure.
  • Customizability. Blast resistant modular building designs can be seamlessly modified in the design/engineering phase as needs change. Module X provides many resources and options to meet any project need or requirement.

How to Buy a Blast Resistant Modular Building

Module X Solutions provides blast resistant modular buildings in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your exact specifications. Here are steps to guide your BRM selection process:

  • Identify potential explosion sources and hazard zones in your current or anticipated facility
  • List equipment and personnel that will be in each building
  • Note any stationary or mobile modular requirements
  • Determine size and containment requirements
  • Determine if critical infrastructure will need to have an anchored or sliding design
  • Develop or provide foundation design requirements or elements
  • Set an estimated budget and timeframe

Contact Module X at the beginning of your planned project so we can help and assist you with all facets of the design process. If existing parameters are known or you need assistance determining and finalizing solutions, our experts will consult with your team , resolve your concerns, explain available options, and guide you through the process to find the blast resistant modular building solution that is right for your needs.

Blast Resistant Modular Buildings from Module X Solutions

Module X Solutions is a respected manufacturer of blast resistant modules. Our team has extensive design, engineering, and manufacturing experience, and we can provide and incorporate any number of customizable options into your BRMs. Visit our BRM capabilities page, request a quote, or contact us today for further information on our blast resistant modular buildings.

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