Logo ElementOur client’s success is an integral part of our foundation for the future. The engineering team at MXS has a passion for partnering with our clients and understanding their needs and critical success factors. This understanding unleashes the power of the team to design and engineer integrated solutions that exceed customer requirements and expectations and flow seamlessly through production. We believe the solutions we have delivered are the result of a complete understanding of the challenge, alignment with our customers, and dogged determination to meet our customer’s goals and expectations.

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AF 03What separates the Engineering at MXS from other modular manufacturing companies?

We have the experience and knowledge base, both theoretical and hands-on, in electrical, mechanical, civil and systems engineering, and utilize the latest in 2D and 3D design software. What truly makes us different is the ability to listen and understand the issues facing our customers’ and our ability to solve their design challenges. We specialize in many areas and are confident in our techniques, allowing us to deliver the skills and resources to meet their stringent requirements. Flexibility, cohesiveness, unique problem solving and value engineering are engrained in our core and lend themselves to a more complete and cost effective solution for every individual project.

In some cases our clients may provide us with an established design or a good conceptual idea as a starting point. We then work together to value engineer or develop new, comprehensive designs that meet the established criteria. MXS’ engineering team members have established excellent reputations in multiple industries including but not limited to, telecommunications, renewable energy, oil and gas, government and military, fiber colocation and data centers. Additionally, our team is well balanced and comprised of creative, experienced, innovative and youthful skillsets. As one united team, we understand the challenges and difficulties of taking an idea from a concept to a completed properly functioning protective building solution. Let us prove to you why our Engineering service is the right choice for your next protective modular application or project.

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