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Military and Diplomatic Security

MXS is able to provide this unique and demanding market a variety of solutions and capabilities that are unmatched in the industry.

Like most industries where MXS provides protective solutions, the governments need to respond to threats are continuously evolving. This has led MXS to design solutions to combat hazards such as fire, blast/explosion, projectiles, EMI and RFI, forced entry, ballistic attack, and chemical release to name a few.

Our modular design allows for either single or multi-module interconnecting, large multi-level clear span building complexes. Additionally, we can include protected access to external utilities, and fully self-contained power, HVAC, and water systems.

MXS’ protective building systems address a range of applications for government and homeland security, from access control buildings to operation and command centers and secure communication rooms. Our structures can perform any of these core design functions and simultaneously serve as a perimeter wall in high-risk areas.

Our process controls and trained installation teams ensure the quality and consistency required when securing, integrating and testing highly specialized, sensitive equipment. As a result, multiple transports are common without requiring equipment removal, and system performance is assured when units arrive at site. When necessary, we also partner and strategically align our company with subcontractors who provide qualified installation personnel, necessary clearances, and other situation-specific skills to support the secured storage (if required), delivery and commissioning of our solutions.


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Modular units are manufactured in variety of sizes including more standard ISO container sizes of 8′ x 8′ x 20′ and x 8′ x 8′ x 40′ dimensions and can be designed to physically link together or be used in stand-alone applications. These modules can be designed for multi-level stacking during transport over land or sea, as well as at the final site location. This feature provides maximum flexibility to those designing the final compound or command center configuration. Ballistic rated doors and windows complement layered steel walls and ceilings to form a structurally sound, safe haven. Designed to be multi-purpose and flexible, end uses include housing, offices, medical facilities, technical operation centers (TOCs), data storage facilities, laundry facilities, telecommunication operations and more.

MXS’ technologies and capabilities support the U.S. governments demand for these innovative “building blocks” that are providing safe haven to personnel around the world.

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Secret Clearance Protective Building Systems

MXS has experience working on single and multi-module secret clearance protective building projects. Our design/engineering, quality manufacturing, and facility size and flexibility, enable MXS to deliver seamlessly integrated engineered solutions to our customers and partners. Providing them with assurances that the install timeframe and associated costs will be minimized because of the true plug and play capabilities resulting from support and dedication in all facets of the business.

Remote and hostile environments require this vision and executing with precision. Collaborating with our clients is the recipe for success, our culture, and what we do very well!

Types of Secret clearance solutions


  • Forced entry, ballistics and explosion/blast facilities
  • Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF’s)
  • Secure Access Program Facilities (SAPF’s)
  • RF shielding and High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) protected facility
  • Overhead explosive protected shields

*Secret clearance projects can be discussed with the proper cleared personnel at our facility including our Facility Security Officer (FSO).

Security-Tactical Protective Building Systems

Security and protection of people and critical assets is monumental in our ever changing global environment. MXS can help you secure and defend critical infrastructure with both fixed and mobile applications. Standard or custom fully integrated security-tactical surveillance solutions can be designed, manufactured and integrated with collaboration from MXS’ partners.

Types of Security-Tactical solutions

  • Police centers-prisoner detention
  • Mobile Guard House
  • Fixed Guard House
  • Tower Guard House
  • Man Camp/Compound
  • Border Protection solutions (fixed or mobile, Ballistic and/or Blast criteria)
  • Security-Tactical Solutions (ex. Surveillance Radar, Sonar, Monitoring equipment)

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We look forward to discussing your requirements and designing a solution to meet your needs!