Modular design is a methodology that subdivides a system into smaller parts called modules or skids that can be independently constructed and then scaled into larger systems. The ability to vertically and horizontally interconnect individual modules into a single monolithic system has transformed industries from automobiles to computers to process systems.

Over the last several decades, the modular construction sector has grown from a niche’ temporary or re-locatable single building sector to an acceptable permanent building system for everything from homes and hotels to specialty protective buildings and high rise structures. The evolution from traditional building designs and methods to modular factory built building systems provided many learning opportunities. These experiences allowed our team to master many facets unique to the modular building solutions provided to our customers; some of which include, but are not limited to optimizing engineering designs, transportation and site logistics, plug & play assembly connections and constructing the building system to a standard that meets local building codes and environmental considerations.

Benefits of Factory Controlled Modular Construction:

  • Greener – skilled craftsmen using precise machinery and methods allows for less waste and higher levels of quality control.
  • Faster – reduces construction schedules by being manufactured in a controlled environment and allows for concurrent site preparation work during the manufacturing process.
  • Smarter – provides limitless design opportunities, safer construction environment and built to code with quality materials.
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The “X” between Module and Solutions in our brand represents the X Factor. By definition the X Factor is “a variable in a given situation that could have the most significant impact on the outcome”. The most important variable in any business are the people and their reputation built on success that has stood the test of time.

Steve Schoonover, Founder/CEO of Module X Solutions, is a pioneer in the modular building business. Mr. Schoonover co-founded Fibrebond in 1982 delivering the first concrete shelter to the telecom industry. After growing that business to 600 employees in the mid 1990’s, Schoonover sold his ownership interest to his partner. A couple years later, Schoonover started Cellxion, an employee owned company, that over time broadened products and services that included integrating electronic and communication systems in a controlled factory environment. Cellxion grew to the market leader by establishing long-term relationships with customers and through building a reputation as a reliable supplier and solutions provider to several emerging industries. After 10 years, Cellxion grew to 700 employees before being sold to a private equity investor in 2007.

At the request of some key customers and former employees, Mr. Schoonover and many of his proven management team have again combined forces with the creation of Module X Solutions. In doing so, MXS has amassed industry specific capabilities and production capacities that are unmatched in the modular building industry. As a result, MXS has invested millions into upgrading a 700,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility, formerly occupied by MBI. The upgrades have enhanced its heavy steel fabrication line, fostered the creation of a concrete and lightweight steel shelter line in addition to laying the foundation for a climate controlled area for integrating sensitive electrical equipment into our client’s protective solutions.

We take away your worry and bring comfort and value to the design/engineering and manufacturing phases of your project. The solutions we deliver are joint efforts between our clientele and our team members who are passionate about making your investment in our company the absolute right decision. Our job is to ensure we have incorporated the best design and have a well thought out solution that will save you time and money in the short and long term life cycle of your project.


Customer satisfaction on every project is the single dominant factor in determining success at Module X Solutions. We recognize that customers have options and ultimately make decisions based on quality, time (delivery) and value ($). In evaluating options, customers evaluate management, history, capabilities and capacity to determine if we can meet their given expectations.

MXS offers a unique value proposition to the modular building industry:

  • Management – To our knowledge, there is no other domestic company that can claim it has produced more modular buildings than the management team of MXS.
  • Design/Engineering – MXS has a fully staffed design/engineering department of subject matter experts in an array of industries that uses state of the art technologies in tailoring specific solutions to telecommunications, renewable energy, solar, oil & gas, petrochemical refineries and government sectors.
  • Product Lines – When considering the structural design of a shelter, module or skid – light gauge steel, heavy gauge steel, ballistic steel, aluminum, concrete, or panelized systems, all offer unique benefits in particular applications.   MXS has designated production lines for each product type.
  • Systems Integration – MXS has the expertise along with a climate controlled integration facility, complete with overhead cranes capable of integrating sensitive equipment into their products.
  • Field Services – MXS can offer complete turn-key solutions as it relates to our product offering including site services and field installations.

From contract manufacturing to a customer’s specific design criteria to MXS being the single point of responsibility from beginning to end, we provide an alternative to the traditional design-bid-build project delivery method. Instead of having multiple contracts with different entities for separate services within a project, MXS provides customers with both a horizontal and vertically integrated marketplace giving them flexibility and the opportunity to award one contract to one entity with one unified flow of work from concept through completion.

In summary, regardless of industry or application, we believe you will find Module X Solutions to be THE strategic partner for your modular protective solution project.

We appreciate your time and thank you for choosing our products, our team, our company!

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Photograph by Neal Hollimon