Logo ElementThe renewables industry is a unique and ever evolving market where the MXS team has designed, engineered and manufactured both domestic and international power conversion stations for a large number of solar projects. The hands on electrical engineering team has a great reputation with helping our clients with the required solution(s) that meets each projects specific needs. Ensuring confidence that their project is in great hands supported by the MXS team from project creation to completion is our goal and ingrained in our culture.

Our 3D design/engineering capabilities and team members enable us to provide a competitive advantage to our clientele. We offer solutions ranging from consulting engineering services to turn key manufactured products. Encompassing many years of industry relationships and proven successful project experience with power conversion skid projects up to 2MW in size. Vast equipment storage capabilities for large project implementation, coupled with manufacturing flexibility with either concrete or steel skid options, supported by engineering excellence, makes MXS the preferred choice for your solar powered conversion station needs.



Sustainability from alternative energy sources is extremely important to our clients, company and mankind!



Small and large domestic utility scale solar installations are our primary market sector. MXS partners on these installations and works to provide value engineered solutions to all our clientele in order to meet the economic demands of power generation.

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Renewable Micro Grid Power Generation

In addition to the utility scale solar installations, MXS also provides renewable micro grid solutions through our JuiceBox product line. In partnership with Mobile Grid, these JuiceBox integrated power systems provide flexibility with a patented solar panel array integrated on a retrofitted shipping container to provide power in remote, isolated, or disaster stricken locations.