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The renewable energy industry is a unique and ever-evolving market in which the MXS team has significant experience. We’ve designed, engineered, and manufactured domestic and international power conversion stations for many solar projects. Our hands-on electrical engineering team has garnered a reputation for helping clients receive the perfect solution(s) for their projects. Ensuring they have confidence that their project is in great hands from project creation to completion is our goal and ingrained in our culture.

Our 3D design/engineering capabilities and team members enable us to provide a competitive advantage to our clientele. We offer solutions ranging from consulting engineering services to turnkey manufactured products. Over the years, we’ve developed lasting industry relationships and proven successful project experience with power conversion skid projects from 20 MW to 1GW in size. Our vast equipment storage capabilities for large project implementation, coupled with our manufacturing flexibility for either concrete or steel skid options and supported by engineering excellence, makes MXS the ideal partner for your solar-powered conversion station needs.



Power Conversion Skids From Module X Solutions

Power Conversion Skids From Module X Solutions

The experts at Module X Solutions carefully engineer and manufacture custom power conversion skids. From installing and integrating the inverters and utility-scale transformers to placing and routing all of the cables, wires, controls, and auxiliary equipment, our team handles every step of the process so we can ensure the final solution meets your exact requirements and restrictions. Some of the power conversion skid elements we can tailor include:

  • Power output. Our power conversion equipment can support power output levels ranging from 1 MW to 5 MW, which is suitable for most utility-scale PV facilities and industrial applications.
  • Equipment components. Our skids can be built with equipment from multiple vendors. They are not limited to any single manufacturer’s transformers, inverters, or auxiliary electrical equipment, which allows components to be chosen based on what is best for the particular application and budget.
  • Installation requirements. Generally, skids are installed in the field by contractors working for the EPC company. We offer technical support, lifting plans, and troubleshooting as needed to facilitate installation. We can also be contracted for specific site work on a case-by-case basis.
  • Skid base. We can create precast concrete or steel skids. These are scalable to fit your specifications. Many of these options do not require concrete pads in the field.
  • Battery back-up system. We provide lockable battery boxes for PCSs that require battery back-up for SCADA systems and other similar situations.

We can deliver solutions that meet the requirements for Class 1, Division II classification, American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM) standards, and National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) standards.



Installation Support Services

Our skids range in size, making either a crane or a forklift necessary for installation, depending on the system weight and dimensions. Regardless of your skid size, we provide custom installation support services that will help your setup operation proceed smoothly and safely. Our electrical testing and integration competencies enable us to offer “plug and play” solutions.

Applications of Power Conversion Skids

Solar power conversion skids provide clean power to various well-pad equipment, including instrumentation, remote terminal units (RTUs), and programmable logic controllers (PLCs). Our systems can be integrated within the United States’ centralized power grid or microgrids that support smaller networks. Typically, they are used for utility-scale applications, where they feed electricity to the national power grid via electrical substations for industrial, commercial, and residential facilities.

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Get Started on Your Custom Power Conversion Skid Solution Today

If you’re looking for custom solar skids that meet your exact needs, the team at Module X Solutions has got you covered. Our vast customizable capabilities enable us to design and build systems that work for your physical, performance, and financial constraints. For more information on our products and services, contact us today. To discuss system specs with one of our representatives, request a quote.