Module X Solutions co-designs and manufactures modern fire-rated buildings, imperative in numerous industries, such as the communication, petrochemical and oil & gas sectors. Some structures are susceptible to fire due to the nature of their operation and their environment, so they need extra protection.

With our superior capabilities and background knowledge of various building codes, we have designed and developed innovative solutions to create a building that can resist fire. It will improve your bottom line by reducing the risk of catastrophic damage to your building and its contents.

What are Fire Rated Buildings?

A fire-rated building is determined according to the materials and systems it utilizes to provide fire protection. Structures are classified from Type 1 to Type 5 according to building codes, with Type 1 being the most fire-resistant and Type 5 being the least fire-resistant.

Below is a short overview of each type:

  • Type 1: Fire-resistive buildings are made with protected steel and reinforced concrete. Most of the time, these are high rises over 75 feet tall. Due to their design and fire-resistant building materials, Type 1 structures are considered the most fire-resistant and can withstand higher temperatures for extended periods. Therefore, it has a three to four-hour fire protection.
  • Type 2: These structures are non-combustible with one-hour fire protection. They’re usually constructed with tilt slabs or masonry walls with metal or concrete roofs, but they are not necessarily fire-resistant. Big box stores and recently renovated commercial buildings may fall into this category. Although they have fire compression systems, they’re still prone to collapse once their roofs are exposed to high temperatures during a fire.
  • Type 3: Type 3 buildings have non-combustible walls and wood roofs, so these also have an hour of fire protection like Type 2. Older buildings may have newly framed roofs, but lightweight roof systems are often used for newer buildings.
  • Type 4: Structures constructed before the 1960s use heavy timber with wooden walls and roofs connected with metal plates and bolts. The thick lumber makes them easy to recognize. In addition, these structures can fare well against fire due to the sheer size of the lumbers used, so it has approximately two-hour fire protection.
  • Type 5: Most modern buildings fall into this category. These are cheaper to build because the materials used are lightweight and not fire-resistant. There’s a possibility they will collapse in minutes, especially during raging fires.

With a fire-resistant building, rest assured that you can protect your property, staff, and customers from the devastating effects of uncontrolled fire in today’s world. With our help, we can develop a solution that will reduce the damages caused by fire, adding essential elements such as fire suppression and smoke/fire detection.

Protecting Your Building with Our Standard Two-Hour Fire Resistance Design

We work to improve the overall design of a structure of your fire-rated buildings, ensuring it’s built according to industry standards. Our standard design offers two-hour fire resistance and protection, delivering a strategic outcome that will bring success to your operations.

Preventing a fire is one of our protective solutions, so we utilize advanced techniques and materials that provide superior fire resistance, structural integrity, and aesthetic appeal.

Some necessary fire protection requirements we work on:

  • Fire safety exit signs and fire alarms
  • Fire suppression & sprinkler system options available
  • Emergency evacuation routes and building access
  • Workplace fire prevention and safety measures

Our team will carefully lay out a plan where we can incorporate the requirements above while working with experts for the most optimal solution.

Let Us Work on Your Type 1 Fire Resistant Building

Module X Solutions is a reliable partner of modern building systems where we highlight specific features standard in your industry. With our rigorous quality control and various third party inspections, you can trust us to design and manufacture a building that follows safety and protection as the guideline for our protective building systems.

If you have any questions about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us today. You may also request a quote, and we can give you a competitive price that already includes your specifications and requirements.