Logo ElementRemote instrument enclosures and motor control buildings can be fabricated and/or retrofitted and seamlessly integrated in our controlled factory setting. Whether your project requires a complete turnkey solution from design to a fully integrated system and/or customer supplied equipment is a vital piece of the puzzle, Module X can support and meet your project requirements.

Our design team takes into account all structural and electrical specifications from national to local code requirements to ensure your investment is fully functional and code compliant.

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Module X is the only modular building manufacturer that designs, engineers, manufactures and integrates modular protective buildings out of concrete, light gauge steel, and all welded steel while incorporating ballistic, blast, and/or thermal ratings and resistances.

Protecting your companies assets (personnel and equipment) is our end game and we take it to the max in all our design elements. The more protective we can design and manufacture your buildings the safer your employees will feel on a daily basis, which in turn fuels positive moral and enhances productivity, while mitigating your companies risk and liability exposure.

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Our experienced designers and engineers, ensure the controlled environment of an MCC or RIE building is at its optimal level. Some manufacturers and integrators may take this very important and crucial area for granted. If personnel and equipment performance with their inherent heat loads aren’t properly accounted for, the total solution will never function properly and thus resulting into a project failure.

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Complicated system integration is our specialty. Designing, engineering, manufacturing, & integrating these robust sytems is what fuels the MXS team. This passion begins with partnering with our clients to bring a vision and a need to reality. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) modular building solutions are a necessity in certain project designs. Module X has the experience delivering these structures in many forms and layouts.

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Backup battery bank solutions are second nature to our team and we work with all battery technologies to ensure our clients system meets their specifications and end result.

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Electrical schematics and terminations are also validated and checked by our inhouse electrical engineers and assured by our quality control team. These inspections are completed during the electrical installation phases of the manufacturing process and checked again with our clients during final factory acceptance testing by both internal and 3rd party inspectors.

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