Logo ElementThe Module X team brings the knowledge base from protective modular buildings and incorporates this skillset into highly specialized mobile solutions for disaster recovery and communication scenarios. Specifically, applications where communication bandwidth is overstressed, remote, limited, or non-existent. Our mobile solutions encompass the design, engineering, and manufacturing components and are available in both standard or customized configurations to meet performance requirements and/or engineered specifications.

These mobile solutions can be implemented across a number of industries where communications are the primary application. Government, Fiber Regeneration, Oil & Gas, Telecommunications, and the Utility sectors are the most common industries for these products, but any communications or disaster relief scenario lends itself to a mobile solution by MXS.



A proactive business continuity plan should be at the forefront of all customer service strategies. With a fleet of these MDR solutions, you will deliver peace of mind to clientele and limit risk, liability and unknown/uncontrollable situations during high bandwith or emergency events.

Benefits of mobile/disaster recovery solution(s):

  • User friendly designs enable ease of deployment allowing for mobilization and logistics cost reductions
  • Controlled environment of a factory setting allows our mobile solutions to be manufactured efficiently allowing for on time delivery and within budget parameters
  • Accelerated response time and deployment speed resulting in quicker return on investment or faster restoration of vital communications for clientele
  • Regimented quality assurance program conducted in manufacturing plant setting to realize best in class reliability
  • Integration implementation at factory gives a true plug and play solution that is factory acceptance tested and fully operational prior to shipment
  • Aluminum construction eliminates over the road weight constraints during transportation



Whether on land or on the road, MXS has you covered. Our mobile Hut on Wheel (HOW) solutions allow our clients to deploy for new network build out/expansion, service and maintain current fiber networks and/or support disaster recovery efforts. Our design and engineering team ensures compliance with all electric and energy code requirements as well as DOT regulations. Our value engineering culture drives our company to produce state of the art solutions while keeping our clients capital expenditures at the forefront.

HOW 001 (exterior)

Exterior HOW pic (SAFETY STRIPS) date photoshop

Interior with spot fix

Types of Mobile/Disaster recovery solution(s):

  • CART (Cellular Aluminum Outdoor Rated Trailer)
  • COLT (Cell Site on Light Weight Chassis Truck)
  • COP (Cell Site on Platform)
  • COW (Cell Site on Wheels)
  • CROW (Cell Repeater on Wheels a.k.a. Mini-COW)
  • ECAT (Emergency Communication Antenna Trailer)
  • GOAT (Generator on a Truck)
  • HOW (Fiber Regen Hut on Wheels) *featured in picture
  • TOW (Tower on Wheels/Tower Trailer) *featured in picture
  • Other solutions include; Multi-Purpose Trailer Units and Portable Generators

These benefits are realized because of our proven track record of engineering innovation, maintaining cost targets/budgets, exceeding schedule requirements and delivering best in class quality to our clientele. Solutions include options for both commercial and non-commercial rated truck chassis products.

Let MXS design, engineer and manufacture your next unit or fleet of mobile/disaster recovery products. It will be a decision that will allow you to sleep at night knowing that your business is in great hands and your clients have a backup plan to ensure their business continuity. Helping our clients succeed with their projects is our main objective and we do this through pre and post-sale engineering/technical support, consulting, and customer service to ensure a successful partnership and project completion.

For information/inquiries about how to get these amazing engineered mobile solutions part of your fleet please contact us:



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