Logo ElementOur Logistic service solutions is a high performance, multi-level logistics provider, dedicated to handling all of your supply chain management needs. As experienced professionals with an extensive history in logistics, we know that a business can only succeed when each individual part of the chain functions at its optimal level, and we partner with you to make that happen.

Our solutions are efficient, affordable, and tailored to your specific needs. Our supply chain design, material handling, consulting services, and customer support work together to produce the best possible outcome for your company.

We understand that when it comes to logistic providers, you have a variety of options, and we want to help take the stress and uncertainty out of that decision. Great partnerships are the core of great business—this is one of our core beliefs. Our team understands the value of strong relationships, and it is our sole purpose to make your business goals our goals as well.

Many of our clients understand that putting their entire supply chain in our hands is the best way to optimize company productivity. Our approach makes it simple for you to monitor your progress and identify areas to improve.


  • Transparency Regarding Cost
  • No Hidden Cost for Projects
  • Absolute Knowledge Sharing
  • Complete Cost Reduction Solutions
  • Customer Savings Before Margins
  • Shared Cost Savings
  • Elimination of Fixed and Variable Charges with Mark Ups
  • Focus is on Growing Customer Footprint VS Customers Invoice

Consulting Services

Strategic Operational Solutions

We know that each business is unique, and in accordance with this, no single service plan will work for every company. Our aim is to understand your business goals by talking with the person(s) within your organization who knows your business best. We are experienced and prepared to tackle any questions or concerns you might have regarding your logistic needs. And while business practices are constantly changing, we stay one step ahead, with the proper projections to keep you on track in a fast-paced marketplace. We work for you, and it’s our pledge to keep you informed, secure, and confident in your partnership with us.

Material Handling

  • Transportation
  • Warehousing
  • Inventory Management

Making sure that shipments and deliveries are promptly scheduled and always on time is what we do best. Our skilled staff has an extensive understanding of what it takes to get you the most cost effective transportation and storage possible, without sacrificing quality. Customizing a plan that gives you the reassurance you need is why we’re here. By tailoring shipment options carefully and making educated, statistics-driven choices regarding inventory housing, we cut down on freight costs and other extraneous fees. We ensure optimal inventory management from start to finish.

Key Success Indicators

  • Benchmarking
  • Goal Setting
  • Performance Assessment

We know that a company is only as strong as the strength of all its components, and by recruiting us for your in-house assessments, we can clearly determine which components of your business are working and which aren’t. Every business has a specific goal in mind, and through production markers, Module X Solutions can locate what changes need to be made to make your business as successful as possible. The optimization of the work place begins through analyzing current business practices and applying them to your personal business model. Employees and managers learn to interact more effectively through the implementation of assessments and progress reporting, and we make sure that you understand what each projection means before moving forward.

Customer Support

  • Central Ordering
  • Central Support Center

Just as the quality of our logistic services is deemed to be of the highest caliber, our customer support follows suit. If you have a question or you’d like to speak with someone at our organization, please contact us. You won’t encounter automation or long waits—just experienced, personable representatives ready to assist you. We’re here to make sure you are secure in your business with us, and we’re happy to adjust according to your needs.

Best Practices

  • Sarbanes Oxley
  • ISO Measurements
  • Audit Training

We believe that businesses succeed by operating on a foundation of principles and ethics, both personal and legal. Additionally, we follow fair business practices, and we want to help our clients do the same. Our requirements and specifications are designed to ensure our services and the services of our partners are of the highest quality. Our fundamental goal is to eliminate errors and minimize extraneous materials whenever possible, promoting increased productivity and industry recognition.


LocationsOur Logistics serves clients with a network of distribution points throughout the United States. This improves speed, reliability, and flexibility, and it allows our team to manage operations with greater accuracy.

Our multifaceted approach to logistics system design and management benefits you in another important way as well. It reduces costs, while improving overall performance. Regardless of where your organization is located, our distribution network gives you access to the entire nation and beyond.


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