Logo ElementThe Kenner Chain Wall®, a precast standard slab on grade or elevated modular foundation, provides our clientele with a vital element of the civil site construction process. Eliminating the challenges with difficult site conditions and weather delays, these precast foundations are the ideal solution for coastal and flood plain applications as well as everyday standard foundations. These chain walls can reduce your overall total cost of ownership by minimizing on site labor, site preparation, workers comp concerns in addition to reducing potential insurance requirements. Available for multiple industry applications and flexible to custom sizes, these solutions will increase the speed of your site deployment schedule by taking unforeseen site delays out of the equation.

Industries Serviced by these solutions include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Data Center
  • Government Sector
  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Telecommunications
  • Utility



  • Patented precast concrete design for on-grade, elevated, seismic or non-seismic modular foundations
  • Solution options available for enclosures, cabinets, generators, fuel tanks, and other structures
  • Generator decks and pads, stairway footings, landing pads, and door stoops are also available
  • Standard sizes available as well as custom designed foundations to meet specifications (Common sizes: L= 16 to 32 ft.; W= 10 to 14.5 ft.; H= 6 in. to 8 ft. AGL or stackable up to 20ft. AGL)
  • Expedited delivery and installation as a result of virtually no weather delays from factory manufacturing
  • Eliminate field/on site foundation issues: (i.e. quality control issues, consistent manufacturing issues
  • Modular foundations can be installed and attached to already existing foundations giving our clients the ability quickly upgrade sites in flood plain areas.
  • Total cost of ownership reduction compared to cast in place or galvanized steel platform foundation alternatives.

Client Benefits

  • Virtually eliminate weather delays
  • One crane can be used to install both modular foundation and modular building/enclosure
  • Eliminate concrete pours and forms
  • Minimal site preparation and labor required
  • Expedites inspection and permit process
  • Nationwide regionalized manufacturing deployment for logistics efficiency and transportation cost containment
  • One solution that is both a platform and foundation
  • Can be installed same day and possibly even several hours after building or enclosure delivery
  • Factory produced foundations allow each manufactured product to adhere to consistent top line quality assurance

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