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    At Module X Solutions, we specialize in designing and manufacturing concrete shelters for utility infrastructure, telecom applications, remote instrument enclosures, fiber huts, and many more modular building applications. We also offer installation and integration services for turnkey solutions. Our standard lightweight precast concrete shelters are built with exposed aggregate, but we can provide alternative exterior finishes in painted concrete, brick stencil or veneer, panel siding, cinder block, or other facade designs to match existing site architecture. Other manufacturing options we offer include fiberglass-reinforced concrete lightweight interlocking steel modular buildings or other hybrid manufacturing methodologies.

    All of our engineered protective building solutions are built to comply with applicable safety and industrial regulations, including ACI 318-95, AISC, BOCA, IBC, NEC, SBC, and UBC. We also provide shelters with the structural integrity to withstand Category 5 scenarios with up to 150 mph winds. Our concrete shelters are available in single and multi-module configurations, and they can be designed to meet fire rating and ballistic requirements.

    Applications for Concrete Shelters

    We can design and manufacture concrete shelters for the following applications:

    Concrete Telecom Shelters

    Raytheon Balad Ext. 2

    Our fiberglass reinforced or lightweight reinforced concrete telecom shelters provide long-lasting service, typically lasting over 30 years with proper care. Both options provide resistance to wind, ammunition, and fire threats. Available in different size and design options including single or multi-piece layouts. Lightweight reinforced shelters are particularly ideal for remote site locations such as raw land, or mountain tops. The lightweight concrete design can save in transport and crane costs. Click here to learn more about our telecom enclosures.

    Fiber Huts

    Our unique and highly specialized fiber regeneration huts or colocation facilities are strategically positioned to reduce latency issues by housing and protecting equipment that quickly delivers data content. Although our standard fiber huts are constructed using concrete, we also offer metal construction options. Our specific capabilities for fiber huts include design, engineering, manufacturing, and site support services.

    Remote Instrument Enclosures

    Our remote shelter enclosures can house fully-integrated remote systems and motor control stations. In addition, these structures protect instruments from anything from heat to ballistics and other environmental conditions. Our enclosures can be manufactured with precast concrete, light gauge steel, or welded steel options.

    Our design and engineering team can also create custom modular shelters. These concrete shelters can be single or multi-room and also come standard rated for level IV ballistic, 2 hr fire, storm, and wind resistance.

    Exterior Finishes

    It’s important to choose the right exterior finish based on your environment, intended application and required safety ratings. At Module X Solutions, our concrete shelters can be outfitted with the following exterior finish options:

    • Brick stencil or veneer
    • Customized paint options with a smooth finish
    • Fluted concrete
    • Hardy panel siding
    • Standard exposed strained aggregate finish

    Integration and Installation

    Along with designing and building our unique concrete shelters and enclosures, we offer installation and integration with your existing equipment. First, we test that the shelter is fully operational and meets safety requirements before it is shipped to the installation site. We can install and integrate specialized equipment, including customer-furnished equipment (CFE), to provide a turnkey solution that is plug and play, allowing minimal site work, resulting in faster online implementation, which saves time and money in the field.

    Choose Module X Solutions for Concrete Shelter Manufacturing

    Choosing the right concrete shelter is an important investment in protecting on-site equipment, utilities, and remote access points. At Module X Solutions, we offer complete concrete shelter manufacturing with design, build, installation, and integration services. Contact our team today to learn more about our capabilities or request a quote to get started.


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