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The Module X Solutions team co-designs and manufactures very unique and highly specialized modular colocation facilities for fiber optic cable signal regeneration along a nationwide carrier neutral fiber network ring. These concrete colocation huts are strategically positioned every 60 miles along railroad right of ways where buried fiber optic cable is transferred above ground to connect with transceiver devices to boost and enhance data signals. Connection points called ‘handholes’ placed every 3,000 to 5,000 feet allow local access to the fiber backbone, delivering a turnkey solution with coast to coast communication infrastructure enabling end points, such as subsea cable landing ports, wireless towers, and data centers to physically connect.  Module X Solutions currently provides design, engineering, manufacturing, and site services to support fiber network infrastructure build out. 

 The complete three module 36’ x 40’ structure is assembled in its field configuration at the MXS facility to enable complete interior finishing, AC/DC electrical installation, thermal management, fiber andThe complete structured cabling and security/access control systems integration.

 The regeneration colocation facilities allow various content providers the ability to connect to the fiber optic network backbone thus fueling the need for additional modular infrastructure solutions that will ultimately deliver enhanced data/content to commercial and residential end users.  Fiber clients have the flexibility to manage their own modular data center, partner with a fiber network provider to manage and distribute their content via the fiber network provider’s network infrastructure, or partner with a modular data center solutions design/build services company that can offer a range of packages such as data center management and content distribution services.

Depending on the installation location and the intended term of service, regeneration facilities can be made of either metal and/or concrete construction, with a vast majority falling into the concrete solution category. These integrated solutions are designed and manufactured to the customer’s specifications or through a standard model design where every aspect of the design/engineering/production process is handled at MXS’ Shreveport, Louisiana manufacturing facilities and transported to the site or port for international shipments.

Benefits of modular fiber regeneration solution(s) over traditional bricks and mortar buildings:

These benefits are realized because of our proven track record of engineering innovation, maintaining cost targets and budgets, exceeding schedule requirements and delivering best in class quality to our clientele.

MXS can design, engineer and manufacture single or multi-module solutions in various sizes for any fiber network project.  Additionally, we can provide resources to support network creation, development, and construction in addition to our core competency of modular building manufacturing.  Helping our clients succeed with their projects is our main objective and we do this through pre and post-sale engineering/technical support, consulting, and customer service to ensure a successful partnership and project completion.  












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